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Most people have done some type of planning, and may have formed relationships with good advisors along the way. Usually, they have spent a lot of time talking about getting their financial affairs in order, but -- for some reason -- the job never gets done.



Our mission is to help our clients understand what they want to accomplish from a business, estate, and/or personal planning perspective; crystalize their goals and objectives; and, most importantly, get them to take action.


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HOT TOPIC: Will College Pay Off? Big Bills Call for Smart Choices

A Federal Reserve analysis found investing in a college degree earned an average annual return of about 15% over the last decade.

Your Dog May Pose a Liability Threat

Dog owners may want to review their insurance policies to determine whether they have adequate liability protection.

Taxes Due for Better or Worse

A number of new taxes could affect couples (especially higher-income couples) and lead to surprises at tax time.

The Alternative Minimum Tax Trap

Strategies that could help some taxpayers minimize the potential effects of the AMT in certain situations.

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